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Supporting your team

Every single person in your business uses technology. But not every single person understands it. That’s fair enough – there’s no reason they should. It just means that when there are problems, or you’re introducing new technology across the company, it can take a lot of time and people power to get everyone up to speed.

Even if you’ve got an internal IT team, they can’t be everywhere at once – plus they might not have the specialist skillset you need for a particular project or to fix an unusual problem.

  • 24x7x365 Managed Service Desk
  • Smart hands in 183 countries; 4 hour SLA
  • Workplace Consultancy & Set-up
  • Plug & Play IT Solutions
  • Fully Outsourced IT department
  • Virtual CIO

It might be that you’ve got offices around the world, but only have internal tech support in one or two locations. Instead of flying your IT staff 10 hours to do a 10-minute job, you can use us as an extension of your team.

The task could be anything from fixing a faulty desktop or helping set up a new printer to installing and training people on new software – and we can have someone on site within four hours of you asking for help. Or maybe you need support over a few weeks or months, managing a project like moving staff to a new site, getting everyone across the company using the same email client, or training people to use a new bespoke app.

We can send a whole team to do the legwork, or just a few people to help project-manage the task – either way it saves you having to look for contractors or go to all the effort of employing people short-term. We’ve also got some brilliant consultants who can help you earlier on in the process, if you need some guidance in exploring new technology and deciding which products or systems fit best with your business and your existing IT.

However we help, we always keep in mind that IT isn’t the end, it’s the means. We’re here to make sure your technology is helping people get on with their jobs – so we want to do the same. We never confuse people with more information than they need, we always explain everything we’re doing clearly and simply, and we’ll always do as much of any task as we can without disrupting your team’s work.

What our customers say

"Thanks to Convergent’ s AI Navigator platform, we were able to successfully research and analyse the UCAAS market in less than 2 days, receive tenders within a week and go ahead with a 5000+ seat deployment within the month!  This process would have taken over 6 months without the use of the team at Convergent."

UK Based Oil & Gas Company

"We were in desperate need for short term desktop engineers as our existing supplier let us down.  We asked Convergent late in the day to provide 6 on-site engineers the following day to help us with a Windows 10 Migration. Not only did they place 6 engineers on-site the following day, they charged a flexible rate as per our requirements!"

UK Based Insurance Firm

"Convergent Technology and our Account Manager helped us with our new SAN Infrastructure upgrade using expert consultants, project management and commercial market awareness.   They provided our IT Team with extensive scoping exercises whilst providing the best value for money in a competitive tender."

Global Payments Company

"Convergent Technology have successfully assisted us in providing nearly 100 hours of engineering resource to our clients in over 39 countries globally, per week for the last 12 months. Their attention to detail and coordination from a UK based service desk, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, has been a fantastic addition to our capability and one that sets us apart from the market place. From installs to audits and even networking consultants, we’ve been fully covered. The service has been nothing short of fantastic, and our recent renewal is reflective of that."

Global IT Services Provider

"I have found Convergent Technology to be extremely fast, reliable and trustworthy when dealing with our IT Procurement needs for both UK and globally.  The Account Management team adhere to our needs 24/7 and always deliver within our expectations, to the delight of our senior leadership team!"

London Based Asset Management Company

“Convergent Technology’s expertise helped us improve wifi stability on the rig. Performance and speed improved overnight, making our day-to-day work much easier.”

Oil and Gas Client

“By introducing a new IT system to our EPOS, service-level agreements have improved by 23%. Our staff are able to tend to more customers, resulting in an all-round better retail experience.”

Retail Client

“By making a move to cloud-based computing, we’ve seen savings of over £125,000 on global support. The new system lets us access everything we need from anywhere in the world, and gives us access to the most innovative technologies available.”

Legal Client

Get your technology sorted

Give us a call or shoot over an email, then we’ll talk through what you’re looking for and give you some ideas about how we could help.